Championship Coaching For The Game of Life
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Championship Coaching For The Game of Life

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Keynote Speaker. Performance Coach. Team Builder.




Jarod is ready to coach, motivate and inspire your team! Learn more about his high energy educational keynote and team building programs or book your spot now!

Get Educated, Motivated and Inspired with our Growing Network of Champions. 

Jarod Cogswell, Pro Speaker, Business Coach, Mountain Athlete

Mountain athlete, business leader, and team cultivator, Jarod Cogswell, has led his teams to revenues above 8 figures on an annual basis. His WORK like an Athlete approach maximizes leadership influence, financial and team performance, as well as, personal and professional development.

  • Business Leadership Training 95%
  • Keynote Speaking and Coaching 90%
  • Team Building 80%
  • Adventure 100%


Jarod has been transforming and enhancing lives since he became a fitness professional and industry leader over 20+ years ago. He firmly believes that fitness and his adventures have helped him condition his mind, body and spirit to maximize his personal and professional potential. As a business leader, he has successfully led his teams to produce annual revenues to well over 8 figures, mentored and coached hundreds of teammates and clients (which includes business entrepreneurs, executives and world-class companies such as Nike and more). Jarod is also extremely passionate about developing leaders and creating motivational business cultures.

Recently, Jarod wrote “WORK like an Athlete”, which assists individuals and teams to discover their inner champion in the game of life by providing “in the trenches” leadership training, motivational coaching, high energy workshops, team collaboration, fitness and adventure retreats that maximize personal and professional performance.

Jarod’s coaching, keynotes and adventurous team building events ignite the potential of each team member, strives to create a remarkable company culture and ultimately, drive business performance to the highest level.

What separates Jarod from other speakers and coaches is his real life professional experiences, successes and willingness to admit the lessons learned along the way to increase success. He has plenty of stories to share that exemplify the WORK like an Athlete mantra.

As a mountain climber, extreme snowboarder and former mainstream athlete, Jarod walks his talk by challenging himself each day to be the best leader, father (he has two daughters), friend, teammate and coach he can be.

WORK like an Athlete high energy workshops and keynotes combine Jarod’s experiences as a business leader and adventure athlete to create inspiring professional and personal lessons to share with audiences. 

The WORK like an Athlete  keynote is a “Game Plan” to maximize leadership and team performance…

ACTIVATE a Clear and Focused Vision

TRANSFORM Your Weaknesses into Strengths

HONOR Your Gift of Personal Health and Fitness

LEAD with Authenticity and Influence

ENERGIZE Your Team and “Tribes” of Followers

THRIVE with Passion and Purpose

ELEVATE Your Spirit and Adventure



Individual coaching for every employee is essential. We need to grow our people personally and professionally, as well as, sincerely support them to perform at their highest potential vs. simply telling them to do so.

In the end, the stronger we educate, motivate and inspire each team member, the more they have the ability to achieve remarkable performance, attain a sense of individual accomplishment and ultimately, become a significant contributor to team and business success.

In this interactive workshop we will:

  • Coach to increase individual contribution to the team and company success.

  • Maximize true individual potential by understanding the value of teamwork.

  • Enhance job/career satisfaction and accomplishment.

Result: Our peak performance training program will dig “deep” to elevate your leaders and team members to function and sustain world-class levels.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, one thing that is often overlooked in the workplace is not only how you can hire the best possible employees, but also keep them. It’s a fact, that a remarkable team culture is the foundation to a company’s overall performance.

In this interactive workshop we will:

  • Demonstrate proven practices to influence your team members to exceed your business goals.

  • Maximize trust and collaboration.

  • Create an inspirational, fun and positive work environment.

Result: A motivated team culture will attract and retain the best of the best talent in your market, as well as, fully commit to your company targets and goals.


Our brand and perception of our business is a dictator of long term business success, but how do we get our leaders and employees to live, breathe and demonstrate our ethos on a consistent basis?

In this interactive workshop, we will:

  • Discuss, engage and develop strategies to align leaders, individuals and teams to your brand, core values and company mission

Result: This 360 degree approach to injecting your brand into your team’s DNA will emotionally attach your employees to consistently execute and protect your business mission.

As their resident business coach and keynote speaker, Jarod and the Global Sessions team have joined forces to provide you with something different. Something unforgettable. Something that will truly make a difference for your company culture.

Global Sessions specializes in creating one-of-a-kind events, adventures and long-term programs. We help grow positive company culture by connecting people with each other, the great outdoors and the communities where they work, play and live.

Global Sessions specializes in creating one-of-a-kind events, adventures and long-term programs. We help grow positive company culture by connecting people with each other, the great outdoors and the communities where they work, play and live.


Here are some of our most popular activities. Choose one, combine several or let us create something custom for you.

  • Archery Tag
  • Crazy Golf
  • Mountain Adventures and Retreats
  • Fun in the Columbia River Gorge 
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Wine Tasting
  • Brewery Tours
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Bike Tours
  • And MORE!


Jarod believes that if one approaches their job and life like an elite athlete does his or her sport, then he or she will maximize their true potential.  The WORK like an Athlete book will engage your team members, re-energize their mindsets, increase collaboration and ultimately maximize business performance.

Topics Included:

• Approach your Job and Life as Your Sport

• Train your Mind, Body and Spirit for the Game of Life

• The Importance of Game Planning

• Tactics to Dominate the Scoreboard (KPI’s)

• How to Bring Your “A” Game EVERY Day

• Legendary Teammates

• Win, Celebrate and Recognize



Infectious Enthusiasm!

“Jarod’s infectious enthusiasm and passion lighten the darkest corners of any room. He inspires, motivates and supports individuals and organizations to realize their potential and charge after attainable goals. He was a true professional to work with dedicated to excellence at every stage in the preparation and execution in our workshop.” dlfds;lfs;lsdfl;d;sdfl; dl;sfl ;sdfl

David Rae

Executive Producer & Chief Curator, TEDxPortland
Life Changing!

“I really do love Jarod’s message and business philosophies.  As a former pro athlete I can confirm his parallels between working like an athlete and a business person.  “WORK like an Athlete” is right on point.  If the business team members he speaks to listen and execute the principles, they will most definitely become ALL PRO employers and employees.”

JJ Birden

Former NFL Reciever
WOW’s Audiences!

“As a a business coach, I’ve witnessed first hand the positive IMPACT that Jarod has had on entrepreneurs and business leaders. As a presenter, he consistently WOW’s audiences with his expertise in the areas of leadership, business development, marketing and trends.You won’t find many professionals with Jarod’s passion, energy and real life experience.”

Todd Durkin

Trainer & Owner Fitness Quest 10
The Strength of the team is each individual member.  The Strength of the each member is the team.

Phil Jackson Championship Basketball Coach and Player

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A remarkable business culture starts at the top. If you're a leader or a team member striving to

re-ignite passion and the mindset needed to perform at the highest level personally and professionally, let's connect!

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