My purpose in my life without a doubt is to enhance lives. It’s what gets me out of bed every day. It’s what sets my heart on fire. I love the feeling of working with others and helping them find their “spark” for life and their careers. Admittedly, as a passionate climber and business leader, these feelings are as great or greater than a successful hard fought climb on the mountain when I hear from others how my message(s) impact them personally and professionally. The truth is I that I get inspired from others in the process.

Positive emotion for what we do is vital and as I have witnessed many remarkable business cultures, I can honestly say that these companies thrive not just because of a game changing product or service, but mainly because of their individual team members’ emotional investment into the brand that employs and supports them.

As a leader of a team, business or company, strive to influence and create these feelings within each team member in your culture and watch your business performance explode.

  1. Sense of Excitement

Hiring and retaining individuals that can align their purpose or why with your vision, mission, and core values is essential for brand motivation. There’s nothing better than having team members show up in the workplace with high energy and enthusiasm to do the work they believe in.

  1. Sense of Belonging

Collaboration and trust are essential to a world class business team. When team members work with those that they can consider friends and people they like, it’s a huge boost for morale. The more social they are together, the better the connectivity, as well as, the value of their jobs. When you’re on the right team, you’re NEVER alone. That’s a comforting feeling.

  1. Sense of Self-Esteem

I love when I hear someone “brag” about where they work. It means that they have pride for what they do, affection for the brand and subconsciously understand that they must bring their individual “A” game each and every day. Are your employees bragging about working for your business?

  1. Sense of Commitment

The best companies attract, retain and fully support the best people. In return, they love their company back. They embody the brand, protect it, as well as, one another. Genuinely care for your committed team members and they will take care of you and your business.

In conclusion, lead your teams to feel their best and they will perform their best.

Jarod Cogswell

WORK like an Athlete!

Executive Coach. Keynote Speaker. Team Cultivator.