Recently, the Global Sessions team and I had the fortunate opportunity and challenge to orchestrate a 3-day Keynote Teambuilding event for a team that works for one of the most successful companies on the planet. 175+ team members from all over the country flew to the Pacific Northwest and settled in at a world-class venue in the Columbia River Gorge to network, collaborate, learn and play together. Ensuring that we exceeded their mission of “cultivating creativity and impact” was no easy task, but our team is always ultra-focused on delivering unforgettable team building experiences and meeting enhanced cultural outcomes.

As we welcomed the caravan of buses, the mantra for our camp themed agenda was “ONE TEAM”. Many of the team members had not met one another personally and by the end of the event, not only did they know one another on a deeper level, they laughed together, played together, some cried together, and after enthusiastic chants of “ONE TEAM” throughout the three days, they connected TOGETHER.

As usual, the experience was programmed with precision and purpose for this special team led by a passionate and caring leader, but this time, we actually found ourselves as the facilitators feeling part of the family-like culture that was being organically developed right in front of our eyes. The program menu definitely served its purpose… the camp theme, the dynamic arts & crafts, the plethora of lawn games, first-class dinners and venues, live entertainment, deep networking sessions filled with depth and energy, a competitive archery tag tournament (25 teams!), a special ferry ride on the spectacular Columbia River, all ending with a purposeful keynote message to inspire the goals of working and living at our maximum potential, and of course, ensuring the positive emotions of high performing teams.

By the time it was time to say goodbye, “ONE TEAM” was injected into their collective DNA. Together, we made the promise to always remember that we were never alone. We were now a family with support even beyond the workplace, but now able to perform at the highest level possible within it.

Our chant:
Communicate!… ONE TEAM
Collaborate!… ONE TEAM
Motivate!… ONE TEAM
Appreciate!… ONE TEAM

And 175+ teammates and new friends for life high-fived and fist bumped until their hands and fists were beat red.

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