Young people get a bad rap.

“They don’t understand work ethic.”

“They don’t respect the “grind.”

“They’re lazy”… and the list of negative generalizations go on and on.

Despite the stereotyping, I’m proud of my two post-millennial daughters and I’m certain that many of you feel the same way about your loved ones. So I wanted to share some game changers that my oldest daughter, Skyler, unsolicitedly sent to me after wrapping up her sophomore year in college. After reading them, I was beaming with a BIG smile.

Here is a photo of what she sent…


Her Game Changing Lessons:

She listed her daily affirmations. We must all remember that we’re stronger than we think and authentically believe in ourselves. Kick more fear and doubt in the face by reminding yourself of your gifts and potential.
✔️Morning rituals. If we want to “win the day”, we must do the little things consistently mentally, spiritually and physically that prepare us for the game of life. Lack of preparation eventually leads to failure and the effects that come with it. Control your days or let them control you. It’s a choice.
✔️Goal setting. Writing down what we wish for actually increases our chances of getting shit done and taking ourselves to the next level. Period.
✔️Count your wins. Skyler didn’t list hers here, so I’m adding this in. The truth is that we get so caught up in our losses, we forget to celebrate our actual accomplishments.
And the stigma for millennials and post-millennials that currently define them? It’s B.S. I know plenty of people from ALL generations that aren’t putting in the effort to kick ass in life and maximize the gifts they have been given. Writing down our intentions and the constant hunt for learning more helps give us clarity and focus in this distracting world.
Then you gotta do it.
It’s effort and work that most people don’t want to do, but the ones that do, seem to be the ones complaining, comparing and worrying… LESS.

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