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Up high on a mountain, we jokingly describe what you see in the photo, a “Board Meeting”… And to be totally transparent, I’ll take that type of meeting any day over what we typically endure at the office or conference room.

The fact is, at one time or another, we have all participated in horrible, unproductive meetings, but the effective sessions can increase much needed team communication, enhance the culture, be utilized as a platform for recognizing great performance, solve business challenges, and more. Knowing that many of my consulting and business coaching clients conduct frequent meetings with the best intentions, I recently sent the list of tips below in hopes to escalate their influence and leadership, as well as, protect their employees from some of the agony I have endured from long-winded non-result oriented gatherings.

Before you read on, I must ask:

What ideas do you have for effective meetings?

Here are mine and those learned from others:

  • Ask yourself, “What’s the primary and specific purpose of the meeting?”
  • “What’s going to be different as a result of the meeting?”
  • If it’s not going to change anything, why have it?
  • Keep the agenda short, precise and stick to the point.
  • Start on time. End early if possible.
  • Bring questions, not all of the answers. Get your team involved in the decisions.
  • Invite the right people to the meeting… And remember, not everyone wants to be there. If they don’t have to be there, respect their time and give them the option to attend vs. forcing them.
  • Celebrate and recognize your people when applicable.
  • Make it motivational and inspirational when applicable.
  • In many cases, less meetings equal more productivity.
  • Consider “huddles” over meetings… 5-7 minutes on a particular topic. Stand up vs. sit.
  • Conflict on ideas is actually good… “healthy conflict” is better than “unhealthy peace”. Create results, not just peace. “Murder the plan” and if it still stands, GO.
  • Mastermind. Share. Encourage participation.
  • If it’s a long meeting… Give breaks (and snacks!).
  • At the end, ask, “Are we all aligned?”
  • End on what you want people to remember.







Jarod Cogswell, Founder, WORK like an Athlete

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